Men's rock jewelry with black, raw meteorites set on my sterling silver prong cufflinks. A unique Father's Day or Dad's Birthday gift I think! Raw meteorite pieces with a masculine black, silver, grey color to them and a seriously cool flame shape! Each piece is approx 16mm tall and 10mm wide although they vary slightly as they are natural, organic pieces. Ready to ship worldwide. Scroll down to read more... Gift ideas: Men's rock jewelry Gift, unique Father's Day gift, Raw Meteorite Jewelry for Him, Groom Jewelry, Geologist or Astronomer Gift, Cufflinks for Boyfriend or Husband, Graduation gift for Son etc... This Sikhote Alin (Russia) meteorite is completely organic, with no alterations, polishing, shaping, coloring etc. It is pure in its cosmic nature, carried by a large asteroid or meteor striking earths atmosphere and falling to the surface [aka meteorite falls]. Very extraterrestrial! SHIPPING INFO: Ships within 3 business days. You have the option of preferred shipping method during checkout, to suit your budget and time-frame. All Rights Reserved, Copyright BendixenART 2009-2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hop back to my shop here: Gain trust in me by reading my 540+ 5-star reviews: **My Policies and FAQ's,** click here: About Meteorites: A meteorite is a fragment of rock or iron from outer space, usually a meteoroid or asteroid, which survives passage through the atmosphere as a meteor to impact the surface of the Earth. Meteorites are believed to originate in the asteroid belt between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. A meteorite may range in size from less than a gram to more than 60 tons. When the path of these space rocks intersects with Earth's orbit, the meteoroid enters the atmosphere at high velocity causing the luminous phenomena we call a meteor or shooting star. These meteors should not be confused with a meteor shower. Meteor showers involve the Earth passing through a comets orbit. [] By purchasing from Gemologies, it assures me that you have read and accept all of my & Etsy's policies and FAQ's SHIPPING INSURANCE TIPS: I purchase insurance on your behalf. If you are a domestic OR international customer and need more than $400 insurance (your purchase is over $400.00), you MUST choose expedited shipping. If you do not, only $400 can be refunded if your parcel is lost. By purchasing from me, you agree to my policies and FAQ's found all over my shop. Thanks! *PLAN AROUND MY AWAY DATES: 10/22/21-11/8/21 I will have access to messages and will reply once per day to your requests if necessary. I will be out of the country. AND: 11/18/21-11/23/21 I may not be able to check messages during this time. I appreciate you all! Please plan accordingly with your orders given the processing time and transit time. There will be no cancellations accepted as am giving 2 months notice. Thank you!!