Ring Repair, Cleaning or Gemstone Replacement


Gemstone replacement, setting and/or cleaning plus standard usps shipping.

Ship to:

Make sure you send me the tracking number, add the ordering partys name and most current address I will be returning it to.

I will return to you via Standard USPS (included in the price). If you would like to upgrade, please let me know and I will add that.

Thank you!!
Kristan**IMPORTANT NOTICE** I will be away from MARCH 12th to MARCH 28th. ALL ORDERS received within these dates and the days leading up to it will start processing on MARCH 29th. I will be out of the country so replies will be delayed. There will be NO cancellations due to this. It is your responsibility as a buyer to read all of the description and policies in my shop. Thank you, I appreciate all of you!

*PLAN AROUND MY AWAY DATES: 10/22/21-11/8/21 I will have access to messages and will reply once per day to your requests if necessary. I will be out of the country. AND: 11/18/21-11/23/21 I may not be able to check messages during this time. I appreciate you all! Please plan accordingly with your orders given the processing time and transit time. There will be no cancellations accepted as am giving 2 months notice. Thank you!!