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Shungite Heart Ring, Black and Gold Heart Shaped Jewelry in 14K Gold Fill Rope Twist Band, Shungite EMF Protection, Birthday Ring for Her, 6


Shungite heart ring featured perfectly in my rope twist band, making it stand out even more! Who doesn't love the classic black and gold?! Heart shaped jewelry is absolutely perfect for a ring gift for your girlfriend or best friend perhaps! I love the perfect heart shape of the stone and the natural black color. Set on a handcrafted 14k gold fill band. Ready to ship worldwide, size 6. Need a different size? Hit the custom order request button above. Scroll to read more about the metaphysical properties of Shungite!

Gift giving ideas: Valentines day (of course!), ring for your girlfriend, sister or best friend, aka bestie! Anniversary gift of love for your wife or girlfriend, a token of love for your mom...

Stone is approx 10mm x 6mm
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*14K gold fill is 5 layers of solid gold over pure sterling silver. This cannot be resized

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Shield EMF

One unique Shungite property is that it can protect from Electromagnetic Fields or “EMFs.” EMF radiates from the technology inside of our homes, such as the microwave, cell phones, washing machines, and more. To counteract the Electromagnetic Fields produced by the technology we use, place a handful of Shungite stones next to your electronics. We recommend using a Shungite pyramid for best results.

Fight Digital Pollution

Some people feel an intense energy pull towards Shungite properties. This might mean that you need an energetic field cleanse. Because there might be toxic digital energies outside of EMFs that may be throwing you off balance, and you don’t even know it.

To remove the unwanted pollution from your living space, consider carrying Shungite with you in your pocket or purse and leaving it near your desk or bed.

Cleanse and Detoxify

Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles in the body so that they are open and in alignment with the light. It carries strong purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties. It can be used to clear your body of any dysfunctional patterns, which in turn can manifest as negativity, emotional difficulties or even certain diseases. Place a couple Shungite stones on an affected area and you will see an accelerated resolution of the problem.

To truly experience the power of Shungite benefits, try wearing our Neutralizer Necklace. This way, you can carry the stone with you everywhere you go and maintain balance.

Relieve Stress

If you are looking for a more full body healing, instead of concentrating on a particular area, simply hold or meditate with the stones. The Shungite crystals are also very beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, soothing insomnia and boosting your overall energy level.

If you’re ready to experience the powerful effects of Shungite properties on a spiritual level, you can try meditating with the stones. This is a popular method for anyone who's looking to experience the power of Shungite with their mind, body, and spirit. To do so, place a stone in each hand to balance the left and right sides of your body.

Purify Your Drinking Water

Many people, especially in Russia where the use of Shungite originated, place Shungite stones or pieces in their drinking water because of its documented health benefits. They are essentially making their own gem essence with Shungite metaphysical properties. Our co-founder Heather actually uses Shungite in her water most of the time, as it holds powerful detoxification and purification energies. If you do try this technique, note that there will be some black residue in your water due to the carbon structure of this stone.

To maintain the powerful energies of the Shungite stone, make sure you recharge them regularly. To do this, all you need to do is run them underwater and then place them out under the sun for two to four hours.

Shungite properties have numerous health and healing benefits, making it an essential stone for your spiritual journey. No matter the Shungite benefit, you’re sure to find a connection to the meaning of the stone that is beneficial to your wellbeing. Through utilizing the stone in your daily life, you’ll hopefully find a sense of clarity. Try using shungite stones, and let us know what your experience with them is! Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings.